Team Coaching

All our Team Coaching work is tailored to your needs, whether it be to address specific issues within your organisation or create a stronger bond, we will work with you to deliver a day that you will enjoy and remember

Some of the problems our clients have bought to their sessions;

  • Lack of understanding between team members
  • Lack of clear communication
  • Lack of trust
  • Limited tolerance
  • Ideas not accepted or implemented
  • Lacks energy
  • Lack of clear goals and objectives
  • Differences unappreciated or resented

Building a Great Team

Teams are by their nature dynamic and complex and it is not surprising that sometimes things don’t go as well as we want or need.   We use Tetramap ™ to help teams discover more about each other and the dynamics they create in their team and how they can transform this to a really productive and engaging working environment for the benefit of everyone.    Learners create and practice strategies to reduce conflict, increase effectiveness and develop robust, sustainable organisations
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Gaining new awareness and understanding has a positive effect on the morale, motivation, confidence and effectiveness of the team and its members.

Our team building days are tailored specifically to your needs to help you build a successful, productive and happy team.   Contact us to see how we can help you build the team of your dreams on 01785 613962