We work on a 1:1 basis with leaders and senior managers who committed to improving the impact they have as leaders.   We support them when taking on a new role, during times of transition or as part of their own ongoing personal development programme and when they simply want to ‘up their game’. 

These are some of the most popular reasons organisations work with Touchstone’s coaching team:

  • To help leaders to communicate with authority and confidence at all levels
  • To be the inspirational leaders they can be
  • To overcome particular issues showing up in their life
  • Improve theirs and their teams performance
  • Help them improve their networking skills
  • To gain deeper insight into their organisations culture and politics

How we work with clients depends on what they are seeking to achieve.
For some client it is about providing a safe and confidential sounding board, someone to challenge their thinking and give them feedback, which may not be available to them in the workplace.

For others is about addressing those areas that the client feels is really holding them back and are now ready to make a shift change.

Our coaching process takes clients on a journey from analysing where they are now through to the end goal of what they are seeking to achieve.  

Sometimes this journey brings out dreams and ambitions that may have been hidden for many reasons.  We work with clients to ensure that the journey going forward is to a life that they passionately want to live.

  • Using 360 feedback and or/ a range of self assessments – to establish where they are now, what may be holding them back
  • Develop their vision of the future – establish goals and identify the key changes they want to make to reach that vision of their goals
  • A new focus, putting into practice the changes they want to make- with support from us, they develop and test new leadership skills and behaviours, doing things differently day by day
  • Sustaining their new focus – examining what support structures they have/need including from within themselves to sustain them in moving forward after the completion of the coaching programme

To find out more about our coaching approach

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