“I have enjoyed and feel I have benefited from the coaching & mentoring sessions with Judith.   It has been good to have someone to talk to about problems within the office and to have assistance in unravelling the root cause and methods of dealing with them.   On many occasions she has helped me to have the courage to do what I know I must do and on others recognise that the problem isn’t where I thought it laid.   She has been good for me and the benefit for organisation I hope will come from the way in which I do things from now on and to some degree not doing some things I used to do rather than doing things I didn’t do before. She is very good at building confidence and providing support which was what I needed."  
GC Walsall (Public Sector)

"When we started working with Touchstone it was a step into the unknown, we had very little strategic direction for our company and really existed as an opportunistic company growing in all areas with no set plan. In a very short space of time Judith has taught us the power and benefits of a compelling vision/mission and values, and has completely aligned our executive team and recruiting teams, helping us to define clear responsibilities and career paths for everyone. Judith quickly learnt that sales and profits, whilst important and essential, are not a primary motivation for us in business and we were able to work in a professional yet fun environment that built on our culture. We’re committed to being different and to making a difference which made working with Touchstone so pleasurable as they have the same goals. To summarise the experience of working with - Judith she has set us on a path to greatness." -
Simon McCollum CEO McMann Associates Ltd

“Strategically you were excellent for us to bounce ideas off, even if some of them were well “out of the box”. You managed to question all of our thought processes and enable us to provide a well structured team alignment. The key benefit being that 95% of our team supported the changes, with a large percentage owning the changes as if they were their own ideas – a superb result”
Managing Partner – Hotel Group

“We asked Touchstone to help us with our workforce planning, business plan and contingency plans but we got so much more from them than we expected, they really got underneath what we stand for as a business and did not try to turn us into something we are not.  We are very passionate about what we do and Judith was able to bring that out in all the work she did for us.    What Judith produced has given us a compelling vision for the future of our business, and now we have a very clear strategy to go forward.   We’re really excited about what we created working with Touchstone.”
Rachel Richardson - Manager Notts Homecare Ltd

“We really appreciate the time and effort you put in to designing the personal branding workshop for the GE women’s network. It was inspiring and gave us some great ideas we can use straight away. We’re looking forward to your next session!” -
Sue Hossack, GE, UK Commercial Excellence Leader, Capital Solutions

“I found you very responsive to the needs of the business and is able to achieve a quick turnaround from the planning to the implementation stages of a project.” -
Director, Community Care Provider

"I have been receiving mentoring from Judith Cashmore-James for 12 months plus where we have been working through an agreed mentoring programme.  I have found the process invaluable in providing me with the opportunity to discuss issues and share my thoughts and feelings with someone who is willing to listen, question, challenge and offer support and advice where appropriate.  I feel undertaking this mentoring has helped me to reflect on myself as a person, my style of management and interaction with colleagues, peers and the staff I work with and manage.

I hope this has enabled me to improve my management style and my communication skills, encouraged me to recognise my own skills and abilities and areas for development.  Having someone to listen actively has helped me enormously and given me much needed time for reflection.  It has proved to be a journey of self discovery and one in which I am glad I undertook."
Linda Cooper - Guide Dogs for the Blind


“Having decide to leave my current employment I faced a tough negotiating position with a rival firm.  Being quite friendly with my main contact I felt I could be on the back foot and easily undermined.   Through your coaching I entered the negotiations with;

  • Confidence in my own abilities and appreciation of the skill set I had on offer for a prospective employer
  • Clearly thought out answers to challenging questions
  • Key questions that I needed answering about the company ambitions and my professional prospects

The negotiations went very well and were open and two sided.   I secured a great pay package for a job I felt would not only offer me secure employment but career development too.   I also came away realising they were gaining a valuable member to their management team”
Dr SF, Shropshire