Transforming Performance

How do some teams/organisations outperform others?   We would say that it’s because everyone is aligned behind a clear vision of the future, they are committed to ensuring its delivery and are fully accountable for their actions.   Sounds ideal, does it happen?   Yes it does, unfortunately, all too often leaders either forget to align their teams, taking it for granted that everyone feels as they do, or are struggling with team members who are unwilling to co-operate or ‘align’ behind the new vision.
What can you do to create that step change and align your team?   At Touchstone we believe that this alignment comes from the top, so we work with executives and their teams to create a compelling vision for the organisation and then help them to align their teams behind that vision.  If they don’t have a clear vision of the future what chance do any other teams in the organisation have of delivering outstanding performance?

  • We coach the executive team to create a clear and inspiring vision of the future
  • We work with the team to align behind that vision
  • We support you in ensuring that you have the right people in the right place doing the right things (at the right price!)
  • We use 360° feedback, designed for your teams, to gain a clear understanding of where performance is an issue
  • We coach individually or in teams to step up performance
  • We work with senior management and middle management to focus on their own and their teams performance

If you already have a great vision but need assistance in implementing it and gaining staff commitment to deliver outstanding performance then we can talk you about your needs and what we can do to support you
Our 360° feedback questionnaires are designed with emotional intelligence at their core.   We have spent several years researching and developing our

specifically for the education sector.   We also work with our partners in Health Service 360 and Appraisal 360 to bring you the very best feedback questionnaires available.  Take a look at the websites
Talk to us about how we can help your organisation to step up its performance,

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